Queer Ecologies

BIOE 189F - UC Santa Cruz

For hundreds of years, scientific discovery has been driven by heteronormative Western perspectives on what is “natural.” Scientific disciplines that ignore queer voices lose the insights of talented scientists and miss the opportunity to discover a world that is not only more inclusive, but also more scientifically robust.

Through this seminar series, students will hear presentations from queer speakers detailing their research in ecology and conservation biology. Speakers and students will explore the intersections between queerness and ecology, including discussions of queer experiences in a field that has historically marginalized queer identities and how viewing the natural world through a queer lens has the capacity to improve and alter mainstream scientific insights around sex, gender, and beyond. Our overarching intent is to uplift queer voices, build community, highlight diverse approaches to science including a variety of career paths, and begin conversations around the intersection of queerness and ecology.

UC Santa Cruz ranks among the most LGBTQ+ friendly universities in the country and has extremely diverse undergraduate and graduate populations. We believe that there is substantial demand for interdisciplinary courses that bridge the gap between identity and scientific discovery. The proposed class will encourage thoughtful engagement with the scientific process and give students with marginalized identities a place to connect with their queer scientific community.



CBB 110, UCSC Coastal Campus